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biggest plot twist in cinematic history

because the glittery figure skating/ mambo dancer shirt was not a dead give a way

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I am moving into my own apartment and am having to wait for it to be cleaned and readied…so I am staying with my in-laws. Please bare with me. I swear when I return I will have:

FireStorm Chapters

along with another surprise Sherlolly A/U FANFIC

TWD- Daryl X Beth  Fanfic

and loads of other goodies.






What is this and how can i never see it again

This is the only sex gif I will ever reblog

I see a squirrel doing ballet. Am I going crazy?

I see this ever fucking day outside my kitchen window. Their fat fluffy tails swaying as they pick through the bird seed I put out. They know I hate them yet they come back…every morning……teasing me…then I remember one thing….my neighbor drive fast and I drive faster… I take a sip of my tea and smirk evilly while thinking: “Soon My friends…Soon.”

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FireStorm by Lightening-Lillies :]

Chapter Three

Had it been any other night, he would have enjoyed the flight. The cool night air still had the daze of the hot day leaving the wind both relaxing and therapeutic.  To bad he was so focus on the direction of his flight and the tiny woman in his arms. He listened to her breathing and the feel of her tiny heart beating faster, their bodies where become synchronizing the closer they where. She moved uncomfortably in his arms and felt his own discomfort arousing. The smooth flesh of her bare legs and thighs burned a hot pleasure against his scales, and all he wanted to do was strip her bare then kiss every inch of her.

He could not believe that she, this petite woman, had the ability to cloud his mind, making him weak and worthless. Him, Smaug, he was mighty and unbeatable. He didnt like this vaunlabilty he had now, parts of him wanted to leave her and never think on her again. But there was a never ending battle with himself.

Instead of his London flat on Baker Street, he instead took her to the safety of the country home he has set aside so many years ago. The lonely home was surrounded by fields of heavy trees and creeks. His barrier would need some work but nothing he couldnt do while she slept.

The rather big country home was a red brick two story building, thick fire places on either side of the house. Red shutters covered each long window in the front of the house. A thick black wooden door with a heavy brass knocker on the face guarding the entrance. Old English ivy covers the bricks outside of each windows and much to his displeasure, thick red rose bushes clouded a walk way to the iron fence surrounding the home.

Once inside his Lair and two warm roaring fires going, Molly would be safe. His room was the master suite on the second floor with a balcony over looking the small valley in the back. The real estate agent called it ‘a hell of a view.’ and he just so happen to agree. Many mornings Smaug would find himself just staring enjoying every element the morning had to offer.

Entering his home he shifted every so quickly back to his human form and marched Molly slowly up stairs. His bed was a huge Oval with a canopy silk veils and match silk sheets. Blood red tot eh point in the shadows of the room it looked black. The moon creeped in through the shut shutters leaving stripes along the hardwood floors. Pulling back his covers he sat her gently down, her body instantly curling up and snuggling into the smooth cool sheets.

Sighing a sigh of relief she flopped into a chair and watched over the sleeping figure of Molly Hooper. The moment he let her go out of his grasp, he felt drain and exhausted. Perhaps he hadnt slept in a few days, he couldnt remember but he thought to blame his fatigue on the sleeping maiden. But he couldnt puzzle on this for long he had to set the fires, blow the protective smoke of the barriers, and then be ready for a very scared and hysterical Molly when she woke. Standing to his tired feet he made his way to his bed side once more and tucked a piece of honey brown hair  out of her face. Her beauty might be plain to others, but he thought she was the finest jewel he could ever hope to claim. Smirking he leaned down to place a warm kiss to her cheek, her body heat warming his heart and core. If he wasnt careful she would set fire to him.

He stood against the iron fence blowing a steady thick sliver lining smoke. It moved up and over the home and surrounded the area. He knew the thicker he blew the better the barrier, so he took his time. The thing he found interested about the smoke was how it didnt harm the humans, only his kind. To humans it would be hard to find in the day, but the slick misty feeling would be there. During the night it would glitter in the moon seem almost haunting, thought there was nothing scary about smoke…unless you where a dragon. To dragons it burned the flesh right off if blow a thick wall of smoke at him, if a dragon was smart he would stay away from others smoke. Of course one could pass if given the permission by the original blower, but again if a dragon was smart he would only give permission to those he trusted.

Once he thought the smoke ring was flawless and fortress thick he headed in and stood there in his entrance way. There was something about this place that made him protective and proud. This was his lair this was his home. He would not back down and god help the dragon whom thought he was king of the mountain.

Every inch of his home decorated his lush amount of wealth he and collected over the hundreds of thousands of years. Paintings, statues, marble, ivory, geek vases, south american mummy remains, and so many other rich historical wealth. Everything was his…including the women sleeping in his bed. As he headed up the stairs his cell buzzed in his jacket pocket.

"Cleaned up your mess again little brother. - MH"

"What was his name? He hid his scent well. -SH"

"No he didn’t you are letting your sweet petite hostess cloud your mind. -MH"

"Name? - SH"

"He goes by Jim Moriarty. Part of the Morir Clan. Good Luck. - MH"

"None needed. -SH"

He always had the last laugh with Mycroft. Pocketing the cell he continued up the stairs to his master suite. Opening the heavy wooden door he slipped in and quietly made his way up to the chair he had abandoned before. His body ached and stiffed as she rolled in his bed.He really did need to clear his thoughts and mind for a while. With her being thrown into his world like this, it might be too much of a shock for her. It was not how it was suppose to happen. He was going to meet her at the hospital, let her see the hot connection they shared, let her think it was “chemistry” and then bed her. Complete the bond and then he would slip away back into the shadows until his heir, the bond between hostess and marker, was of age to shift shape. He would have re entered his life shown him the ropes and that would be the end of it. That HAD been the plan, before those idiots at the morgue made such a mess with everything, then this MORIR clan member moving in on his mark, and now she was here in his lair. No woman had ever entered this place, other then his housekeeper a very sweet and trustworthy Ms. Hudson. Now the plans had changed.

Now he had touched her and held her. The ideas and thoughts that swam around him, promises and hopes he wanted from her. it was more than he had bargained for. Smaug would have to gain some control back if he ever hoped to go back to his life the way it was. He didnt want a female mate or the sound of pitter patter, he wanted his simple bachelor life. Of course he would support the child with any and all financial expensive he would need, then do his part to prepare him for his change. This was how the elders did it in their primes and it seemed to work for them.

Now in age Dragons mated their hostess and married them. His own brother and oldest friend had both been foolish to fall for theirs. Mycroft found Athena during the 1300’s in Italy, together that had the heir to the Holmms Clan. His nephew Zion and him never really had any problems getting along. Secretly Smaug adored him, since they seemed to be a matching pair. Athena waiting so long to bare again, but the child she carried in her womb would no doubt be a good addition to the Holmms Clan. 

John Watson or Lowens Watos found his beloved Mary in 1889, at the opera house in Pairs. They fell curse to that horrid thing called love and married soon afterwards. John and Mary both had Dianna, a sweet bouncing blonde sprite and the first female dragon born in nearly a thousand years a very rare gift indeed. She would in her own time find the abilities to heal her own kind and read runes like the elder ladies of their clans had in the past.

This now left him. And he refused to be tangled up in such a mess as love.

He assured himself the feelings his body where creating where nothing more than the fire from the mark and lust. Period. He refused to believe anything different. Now all he had to do was wait and bed this girl then wait again. Once she carried his son, all other dragons would leave her be and she would be protected.

(((SO SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO WRITE THIS CHAPTER!! So much has happen! I moved and am living with my parents for the next few weeks until my new apartment will be ready. So in the meantime I dont really have time to get on alot. That all plus I have had huge writers block on this. But its done so you all enjoy!!))



FIRESTORM PART THREE <———currently reading silly

Happy birthday Amanda Abbington!

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