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I want to get this video embedded in my arm so I can watch it whenever I get sad. 



I am crying T0T oh this is so funny

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Dakota Johnson and Benedict Cumberbatch Dating?!?!

Can we say yes please!!!!



That day, Vader was amazed to discover that when Boba was saying “As you wish”, what he meant was, “I love you.”

#have been laughing for approximately 5000 years at this joke #oh my god #that is hilarious #i am trying so hard not to laugh out loud in the office

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Uterus:oh you have a completely full day of activity??
Uterus:and a sleepover afterwards??
Uterus:hardly any breaks??
Uterus:wouldn't it be a shame
Uterus:if something were to



Genderswap Fan Art by Sakimi Chan


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King Of The Mountain & Lady Of The Lake





He didn’t understand. He has always been alone. He wouldn’t understand what it meant to be lonely. Why it hurt to think of her company leaving, even if he had been a prat the whole time he has been in her cave. To be forgotten and not wanted, those where the worst things in the world. Not  to be remembered except when in need to be feared. It was not the life she had dreamed to live. Old tales of happiness and growth where denied to her. To be fair it was the life of all drakes in the years past. The age of great dragons was ending. Smaug knew this and accepted it, he knew his place and his future. She would continue living and he would heal. Once back to full strength, like he said, he would leave. Marigetta really should be used to this, being the guardian of the lake it was duty not to leave and be here. Since she knew of no other water drakes she would remain alone. But why would this bother her so much?

Disrobing her clothes right in front of him, she quickly entered the waters of the lake with such a grace she barely left a ripple. Smaug admired that, admired her. He watched as Marigetta powers came back to her quickly and her blue hue of power returned to her smooth skin. Her scales once again shined and sparkled in the waters shallow pools and her body returned to the mighty beautiful her dragoness form blessed her with.  But it was more than just beauty. It was her wild spirit and the way she was not scared of him. Most dragoness would obey and oblige him with anything he wanted. She not so much…she felt like she needed him. A companion maybe, but needed him. Even if she had not needed him, she saved him when she could have tossed his dead form onto the beaches for the humans and dwarfs to poke and prod. But she didn’t. She also did not see him as Smaug King of the Mountain, but as a fire drake.  But then she was Lady of the Lake, he had eard of her stories but never had he acted out upon her guardianship in a matter of that of respect. Right? Minus being what she called a “brute” to which he apologized for.  Smaug was fascinated with watching her, and she knew it, she just had to.  Surely she knew what she was doing to him. It was the reason why she had shifted again right in front of him. To tease him and torture him. Did they really need to eat again? Drakes could go weeks on weeks without eating, so why was she out fishing again?

She surface with two huge fish within her claws, and as she began moving back to the banks she shift her shape again to her beautiful human self and placed the catch during the fire and moss. Turning she was met to Smaug standing in her path. With a questioning look she stared at him the tried to move around him, but his held her waist and stopped her.

“Smaug what are you doing? Let me robe then I shall cook.”

“Thank you Marigetta.”

“Smaug please…” she tried to laugh it off and move again from his firm hands but he held her still.

“No I mean it. I owe you my life and I could not be here without you.” His head fell and hung low as his hand took hers within them and he strokes her smooth palms. His voice became raw and smooth and to be frank it shook her core. Hooking her finger under his chin she lift his eyes to meet hers.

“Enough talk like this…it bothers me.”

“Why is that?”

“I do not like to think of you dead.” Her smile was genuine and sweet, but he took the moment to capture her lips in a surprise attack. Her eyes widen has his closed, while he moved to deepen the kiss his fingers digging playfully into her hair cupping her skull. To her this was strange and new. Never had she partook in human contact, but she had seen many of young couples down by the water front engaging in such acts. They had seemed so in love or full of lust and passion that she assumed this was their way of showing it. But why would he show this to her now? She pulled away and forced herself away from him. “What are you doing?”

“It’s called a ‘Kiss’ sorry you’re probably not use to human acts of fondness.” Smaug  bit down on his bottom and lip then licked it softly like he was trying to taste any reminisce of her on his lips. For some reason this simple act made her belly ache and her body flush. It was suddenly clear how very bare she was to him.

“I know what it is…but why?” Marigetta felt the need to cover self now and bent to scoop her robing.

“Because I need you too, Marigetta.”  She hadn’t needed to say it out loud that she was lonely he read her like an open book. Taking her hand once again she did not object and let him lead her to his arms. His forehead touches hers in a matter dragons shared in embrace like matters. Both smiled as she felt his hue start to warm her. His golden hue made him shine like gold and warmed her heart. Marigetta knew he was speaking the truth. “May I stay here in your lair, with you?”

“You have my permission Smaug. How long would you like to stay?” Her tiny hands cupped his jaw and smiled ever so sweetly at him. He smirked moving to her ear and whispered sending chills down her back.

“At very lease a thousand years.”

Nodding she stepped back and let the clothing she had not yet put on from her swim , fall to the ground in a pile. They both stepped over them to find a small spot be hide them to lay upon.  He laid and had the tiny dragoness lay upon him. Taking his time she kissed her deeply letting her adapt to this pattern of movements and enjoy the rush she would receive from their kisses. As his hands traveled to her breast her breathe caught and she froze.

“You never have had a mate have you?” Shaking her head she hid the embarrassment, but her hands where taken and place on his stomach. Little by little he encouraged her hands further until it reach the buckle of his trousers. “I will not hurry you into this Marigetta. If this is something you want I will give you whatever you want or need.” His voice hitched in his throat as he spoke, her hand had found the band and slipped under it defense. Her finger tips circled the smooth hair that she found while venturing down. When Marigetta reach his hard shaft they both gasped. Directly his hand grabbed her and placed it upon the smooth skin, and she was shocked by how hot and soft it was.  Smaug rolled back his eyes shutting them firmly as she firm gripped him. Shuttering in pleasure as she moved him in and out of her tiny hands, Marigetta smiled happily. Never would she imagine she would have so much power over him. Smaug’s free hands toyed and played with the damp hair of Marigetta slightly giving it a tug when she stopped rubbing his cock. “Much more of that My Lady and I will not last.”

When she released him from the tented trousers she sprung to life and Marigetta wondered how humans mated, but an aching need between her hips told her by instincts how it might be done. Samug looked up catching her staring at his member and took action. Slipping a hand in between them his long handsome fingers discovered her soaked wet lips waiting for him. Growling happily he moved closer to her tiny frame. The simple touch sent her bucking and it scarred her how uncontrolled she was of her own body. Hid fingers went deep and rubbed the smooth walls inside of her. Her walls tighten around him, and she squeezed her eyes shut holding onto Smaug’s shoulder. A deep moan slipped from her beautiful lips into something like his name or a growl Samug could not make out.

When she was ready he entered her, her roars and moans aroused him even more. Marigetta had last longer than Smaug thought she would, carrying on three more times.  By the end of the night they both laid out on the moss wasted and spent. If she kept this sexual activity up he would never recover. He wrapped her closely into his arms and held her tight, promising her once he was fully recovered to show her the powerful climax and lust she could have with him in their true form. it all sounded way to prefect to be real but she closed her eyes imagining the next thousand years with him.


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