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Sherlock has been poisoned with a highly lethal drug that attacks the brain slowly over time. Molly assists him in somehow finding a cure before his mind and time runs out.


"It’s killing you… Sherlock, it’s slowly killing you." Molly handed over the test results reluctantly. She watched as his eyes darted from one side of the paper to the other. He was silent for a long time, processing this new information. Molly took her seat looking at a copy of the results. "I would say another year maybe…we might want to check with Doctor Stampton the head Neurologist."

Suddenly Sherlock dashed from his frozen state to a busy bee collecting the samples he had given molly to run. Moving back to his familiar spot and started a conduction of test.

"I checked and tripled check Sherlock…I am sure of my findings." sighing she moved to his side placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I am aware of your findings and trust you enough to believe they are the highest quality and accuracy." He grabbed her hand and gave it a gently squeeze.

"But I am not going to sit by and be told I am loosing my mind and my life." he continued on with his work looking down into the microscope. When he heard Molly’s gloves snap he looked up to see her getting samples ready to examine. "Molly…"

"Dont." She held up her hand to stop him from continuing. "What do you need?" she asked smiling softly at the detective as finished her first sample side.

Just a sneak peek into my next Sherlolly Fanfic.

I have finally added the first part of the story…

here is the link



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The End Is the Beginning Is the End

Molly Hooper finished up the paperwork on her desk before filing the death certificates off to the funeral homes. It was then she received a text. Her cute little jingle text alert sounded off in her pocket. Normally she wont have looked down at it but it was strange she wasnt expecting one and hardly ever did anyone ever text her. Perhaps it was Sherlock? Smiling she fetch the mobile from her pocket and quickly open the message.

Her stomach fell down to her gut and she rushed out the swinging doors of the morgue.

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"And I love him"

Let’s talk about that “he’s so cool but not really.” Let’s talk about how Molly Hooper has always seen right through him.


Louise Brealey in Delicious

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